Low Closed Lift Tables

Low Closed Lift Tables

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Low Closed lift

Above: an SEL10-80 down rated to 700Kgs for an eccentric load. The ramp supplied allows for Euro-pallet loading by pallet lifter. The low closed range is also supplied as a 'U' shaped platform which allows the pallet lifter and manual pump truck forks between the scissor arms with no need for the ramp. The power pack is remote.

Low Closed lift specificationLow Closed lift specification

Range Details For 'Low Closed Lifts'


L x W (mm)

Stroke (mm)

CH (mm)

Load (kg)

Time (sec)

Motor (kW)

Weight (kg)

SEL5-80 1400x800 700 80 500 10 0.75s3 160
SEL10-80 1400x800 700 90 1000 20 0.75s3 180
SEL20-80 1400x1000 700 90 2000 20 1.5s3 250
SUEL10-80 1400x1100 700 90 1000 20 0.75s3 200
SUEL15-80 1400x1100 700 112 1500 20 0.75s3 230

A few Example Low Closed Lift Tables (please click to enlarge)

Low closed u-shaped platform lift u-shaped lift table u-shaped platform lift

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