Hovmand Mini Lifts

Compact - the small electrical minilift

Lifting reels is often done in areas with lack of space. Compact is especially designed for such tasks with its compact design and simple functions.

Simple Fitting of Reels

It has never been easier to fit reels onto packaging machines. The reels are tipped onto the V-block or pushed on the boom. The height is adjusted on the push button and the reel is placed directly on the the packaging machine. The V-block can be mounted forwards and backwards.

Lifting Equipment

Compact is available with combined boom and V-block. The boom is equipped with a wheel easing the pushing of the reel onto the machine. The V-block has a wheel to smooth the unloading of the reels and the V-block is turnable and can thus be used for side og throughgoing shaft. The lifting equipment can be fitted in various heights depending on the task. The lowest adjustment lifts from 65 to 565 kg and the highest lifts from 825 to 1325 mm (from floor to bottom of V-block).


Lifting and lowering is controlled by rocker switch in the handle.


Compact is made of aluminium and stainless steel and only weights 22 kg.


2 x 75 mm, 2 x 125 mm

Rechargeable Batteries

The lifting engine has rechargeable batteries and lifts 50 kg 60 times or 100 kg 30 times when fully charged.


Compact is delivered with a 230 V automatic charger. The charger switches off automatically when fully loaded and the control light indicates when charging is needed.

Safety and Maintenance

Compact comes with an automatic overload switch and all movable parts are shielded. Compact is CE-marked. The Compact minilift requires no daily maintenance and it is easy to clean.


Dimensions: l x w x h 650 x 460 x 1055 mm
Lifting Capacity: 100 kg
Lifting Equipment: Boom & V-Block
Lifting Height: 500 mm
Tare: 22 kg
Material (tower and legs): Aluminium
Material (other parts): Stainless Steel