Hovmand Mini Lifts

Ängel - The Superlift

The Hovmand superlift Ängel is a unique combination of handtruck and minilift. The light-weight handtruck is furnished with a battery-powered lifting unit, lifting up to 50 kg up to 1 metre. A revolutionary way of lifting and transporting.

You can use the superlift Ängel where ever there is a need to lift and move: In the supermarket, at the chemist and pharmacy, in the warehouse, fitting department, catering centre, kitchen or to and from your van. The applicability of this combi handtruck and minilift exceeds your imagination!

The tare of Ängel is only 12 kg - easy to handle for everybody!

Simple Lifting Function

Ängel has a swift and simple lifting unit. You control up an down on the lever button. The lifting unit is battery powered and is easily recharged from a 230 V socket. It has a compact design and contains all functions, motor, belt, bracket, safety button, battery and operation switch. It is easy to dismount the lifting unit for service and repair.

Compact & Solid Design

The compact design and the low tare make Ängel easy to lift in and out of vans. With the large rear wheels you can work it inside and outside, over door steps and steps in general, around the office, in the store room etc.

Unique Safety

Ängel is equipped with a unique safety function stopping the lowering-motion if the platform hits an obstacle or something is stuck. The safety function stops the lift by overweight.

Support Legs

The supporting legs come with 2 nose wheels making it quite easy to push Ängel about when in vertical position. The supporting legs are available without wheels, with swivel wheels or with folding wheels.

Lifting Equipment

The standard lifting equipment is an aluminium platform. The platforms are also available in other measures and material. Ängel is also available with fork for plastic boxes, mandrel etc.

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At Power-LIft we are always pleased to hear from you. Call us for a non-commital talk, demonstration or ideas for ways in which Ängel can make lifting and transporting easier and ergonomically correct in your company.