Double Horizontal Scissor lift

Double Horizontal Scissor Lift Tables

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Over 40 standard lift models | Up to 30 tonnes payload | Stroke approx. 0.32 x platform lift length | Lift is suitable for long loads | Lift is mechanically synchronised

Double horizontal scissor lift

Double horizontal Scissor lift and platform lift table

Above: A 22.5 Tonnes capacity lift for raising large items onto a production line.

Double horizontal scissor lift table

To reduce workforce back injuries this 4 tonnes capacity double horizontal scissor lift table is used to raise the load to an ergonomically correct height for onward handling.(Great platform lift to help your staff in various industries).

Double horizontal scissor lift & platform lift

This 6 tonne unit (type EH60-165ADCN) is used for feeding long, heavy items into an automated process line. The double horizontal scissor lift has greasable bearing bushes and chrome plated main axle and cylinder bolts.

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