Wheelchair Lifts and Disabled Access lifts

Wheelchair Lifts and Disabled Access lifts

wheelchair lifts

The Liftboy is the optimal solution where a conventional wheelchair ramp would be too steep or too long or in a building where a lift or stair lift is unnecessary due to too small a difference in elevation.

With the help of our Liftboy, wheelchair users and physically disabled persons can be lifted over differences in elevation of up to 83 cm.

The weatherproof Liftboy is designed for indoor and outdoor use. As the lifting platform has a total weight of only 70 kg it can easily be installed or removed and also offers a perfect solution in cases where a wheelchair lift is urgently required.

Main features of the Liftboy:

  • Very low weight - easy to transport
  • No on-site fixing/modifications necessary
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Silent operation
  • Lateral entry / exit possible
  • Standard color RAL 7035 - Special color optional

For more information on the Liftboy, please download the BROCHURE HERE, and the PRICELIST HERE.

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Pit free wheelchair lift

wheelchair lift

Vertical Platform Lift - Pit free wheelchair lift with upto 4 metres of travel Disabled access indoors or outside

Power-Lift's new vertical platform lift is an economic and efficient alternative to elevators. It is designed for convenient use by the elderly or handicapped, occupying minimum space without structural modification or additional building work.


Power Lifts are suppliers of custom built lifts for the disabled and mobility impaired. These can range from a simple wheelchair lift from lower floors, up to complete installations for hospitals and other disabled caring premises. Our lifts are designed to suit the application and are custom built for the conditions required.

disabled platform lifts
Mobility impaired wheelchairlift and goods lift vandal resistant out door

vertical wheelchair lift
Mobility impaired garden lift

wheel chair lifts
Access lift

disabled platform lift
Mobility impaired wheelchair and goods lift

hydraulic wheelchair lift
Access Lift for the disabled on a narrow boat