Custom Made Lift Tables

Custom made lift tables

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Custom made bespoke lifts made to your specification

A special type of pallet lifter with powered wheels for use on rails. It has a capacity of 1,500gs and a vertical stroke of 600mm. It can be used as a combined lift / transporter on a production line.

Tilting lift table

Lift table type E5-80T45 with tilting platform of 45 degrees around 1 long side. Note the reinforced baseframe.

Euro pallet lifter

A 1,000 Kg Euro-pallet lifter. Vertical stroke of 800mm. A low closed height of 80mm, allows loading by a standard manual pump truck.

Tilt table torpedo simulator

2 tonne lift table type EL20-160T30 with 30 degrees top frame tilt table for supporting a torpedo. It is used by the Swedish Navy and several NATO members as a simulator for the test of torpedo control systems.

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